Separating the flower from the fiber is no easy task.
Unless you have a BudRubber®.

BudRubber® saves time.

It could take days, even weeks for human labor to separate the buds and leaves from the fiber on a large operation. BudRubber® can do it significantly faster. As much as 98% faster.

BudRubber® preserves trichomes.

Trichomes are the cream of the cannabis crop. During harvest, the last thing you want is to lose trichomes due to a harsh thrashing or shucking process. BudRubber® safely and efficiently rubs the plant to separate material so you get more value come harvest time.

BudRubber® is a game changer.

BudRubber® is portable so you can safely handle processing on the farm or right in the field. From full plants into biomass ready for market in no time flat.

Why BudRubber®

  • Portability
  • Industrial throughput capacity
  • Low maintenance
  • Safe to use
  • Continuous operation
  • Process full plants

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